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What makes a headshot great? 

For Actors & Models:

   Headshots are a lot like actors and photographers - a dime a dozen. No disrespect meant to all my actor friends, they all know how much I am in awe of what they do.  But the truth is there are far more job seekers than there are jobs for actors and models. This means that you have to somehow find ways to stand out in a crowd. Your headshots and comp cards are the tools that might get you in the door for a reading or live audition. How you do after that is a function of your talent and experience. So the challenge for me becomes to make your pictures JUMP off the page. Ideally, you want the person looking at your photos to think "I wonder what he/she was thinking the moment that shutter was pressed?". We have to find ways to make you look confident yet approachable. That's where I come in.


   This goes way beyond the technical and artistic disciplines of proper exposure, nice lighting and good framing. Lots of photographers are experts in exposure, lighting & composition. But how many can get you to forget that you're even having your picture taken? How many can bring out your funny side, sexy side, your confident side, bitchy side, and angry side, all while keeping you looking confident yet approachable? That's what I do by carefully coaching you through the entire process, from wardrobe and location selection, to posing and prompting.


For Businesss:

   When your headshot is put on your brochure, business card, or website, it's there to promote YOU. It's a powerful tool to help people remember you and connect with your face. It also gives them a window into who you are, beyond the words that define you on your resume. People hire individuals - not companies. If you're a Vice President, CEO or CFO, everything about your photo, from your clothes to your body language to your facial expressions, ought to say that. If you're a doctor, nurse or attorney, your headshot should convey a friendly professionalism and it should be natural.