Here’s the headshot deal you’ve been waiting for:

5 or more people - $100 per person

For the 10th & beyond - $75 per person!

(Even bigger discounts for larger groups)

No, it’s not a typo. It’s a very aggressive pricing structure designed to get YOU to round up 10 to 100 of your staffers who could really benefit from this offer. I’m digging real deep and lowering the prices so drastically, it’s almost impossible to say no. I want to make universal headshots so affordable you can get them for just about all your key employees.


And exactly who can benefit from a professional headshot? Almost everyone! Even though businesses are using social media and other online tools to get new business and promote their products and services, the days of having successful business relationships without professional headshots are over. The first thing your end users and customers will see when they visit your website, portfolio or social media presence is YOU. People hire individuals – not companies. Every organization should have an online directory of key employees and faces to go along with those names. Your emails should be accompanied by a photo of the person sending it, not just your standard corporate signature. Clients or potential employees visiting your website should be seeing YOU instead of just your company logo or brand name. And shouldn’t you look your best during this most opportune moment?


Here’s how the deal works: We set up a date. You book a conference room, classroom, or other suitable space for me to come in, set up lights & a background. That's right WE COME TO YOU! You schedule employees in at 5 to 8 minute intervals. I pose them, shoot anywhere from 5 to 15 shots of each person. I can generally cover your entire key staffers in 1 day; 2 days if it’s a large company. Then, I post all the proofs to a secure online gallery for you to select their favorite shot. I then digitally retouch any flaws and deliver to you a perfect high resolution file with an image license. The whole process takes less than a week.


We can match any look you like. Or create your own unique look for all your employees and keep it uniform. We can also do photo extractions, where we remove the existing background and replace it with one of your choosing, for a small extra charge. Many of the photos below were produced this way.


The bottom line – a quality headshot is priceless. It projects a very powerful positive message to your clients and prospects. Now I’ve made them very affordable to your entire organization. "It's too expensive" is no longer an excuse. This is a game changer.


This offer applies only to corporate headshots. Headshots for actors and models are not included.